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Nelson Bragg was Brian Wilson‘s percussionist/vocalist for 14 years.

He also toured the world with The Beach Boys 50th Anniversary Celebration, summer 2012.

Nelson Bragg is a veteran on the L.A. pop scene, Bragg has played/recorded with L.A. bands:

Stew and The Negro Problem,
Seth Swirsky (The Red Button),
The Quarter After,
The Mockers,
Wrecking Crew members Hal Blaine, Don Randi and Jerry Cole,
The Wild Honey Orchestra,
The Tikiayki Orchestra,
and produced and toured with Anny Celsi.

He also was in The Narada Michael Walden Orchestra at Carnegie Hall and San Francisco's Davis Hall backing up Sting, Billy Joel and James Taylor among many others.

We Get What We Want is Nelson Bragg’s 2nd solo album following his 2006 debut Day Into Night.

The music on both albums is melodic, harmony-based folk/pop with 60’s and 70’s influence.

Nelson Bragg deserves to be heard.  We Get What We Want has been received all over the world with high praise from listeners and the press alike.  It is original. It is classic. It is pop songwriting lovingly produced for people avoiding TV-made rock stars and cookie cutter, auto-tuned formulas.





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