"Runnin' Right" is the next Kip Boardman track we are releasing in it's entirety. "Runnin' Right" is the opening track to Kip's Hi-Fi Live in Studio vinyl album: BOARDMAN. This song is a stone groove from the get-go featuring a strong Wurlitzer track by Kip and rock steady rhythm track by Steve Mugalian and Rob Douglas. By the time the blistering Garcia-esq solo by Dave Gleason comes in your dancing and/or speeding up on the freeway. Watch out….Eric Heywood is holding down the fort and trading licks with Gleason throughout in hard-panned stereo glory. The track is smooth as silk sounding like something off a current Steely Dan album. "Runnin' Right" really sets the tone for Kip's record and proud of it are we. The journey from this groovy opener to the record's finale: "Oh The Ache" is a journey your gonna wanna take.

XO  Nelson Bragg - Steel Derrick Music

Release date today!

April 28, 2015

Available at and at the release event at El Cid in Hollywood May 7th at 8:30 PM.  And in the Los Angeles area at Freakbeat Records, Rockaway Records and Amoeba Music.