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Pet Sounds percussionist Nelson Bragg of

Brian Wilson’s Band


Duncan Maitland from Ireland’s Picturehouse and Pugwash



The road to Glasgow was a bumpy one…and when the sat-nav accidentally sent us through Paisley it was a long road as well! But our day ended with our heads on fluffy pillows at the warm Glasgow home of the wonderful Nell Gaughan. We woke up to a huge Scottish breakfast and life was good again, and in Castlemilk, for that matter. Scotland has always been good to us. We’ve been able to really see the beautiful world these lovely people live in, from Inverness to Ullapool, from Edinburgh to the Isle of Bute and back to Glasgow. Hell, we hung out with an amazing little Scottish doggy in Glencoe while having black pudding. We just love it.

Which brings us to our new CD, The Road To Glasgow. Celsi, Bragg & Maitland is a group born out of its creation. Who are we? I asked this when thinking about a new release for our “50th Summer Of Love UK Tour 2017 ”… and do we have any music to share? The three of us – Anny Celsi, Nelson Bragg and Duncan Maitland – scoured our respective vaults for anything that might work as a record together. Emails were exchanged across the Atlantic and we came up with these ten songs, three of which were tracked from scratch: “The Second Summer of Love,” “Heavenly Day” and “The Bright Light of Glasgow." The remaining tracks are three live performances from our 2011 UK Tour and four wonderful tracks that just needed a home. Fortunately, they fit together nicely for our Road To Glasgow via America and Ireland theme center, ending with the new Anny Celsi song “The Bright Light Of Glasgow."

Things start off with two freshly minted tracks, both UK-born: the 80’s Danny Wilson folk juggernaut “The Second Summer Of Love” and Duncan Maitland’s new recording of his 90’s Picturehouse hit “Heavenly Day." We all tracked transcontinentally on these songs, setting a sunny tone for our journey.  Next is the first of three tracks recorded live at the Elba Sessions in Glasgow in 2011: “Own Sweet Time." The Americana Trilogy follows as the centerpiece of our tour journey starting with the Dylan classic

“She Belongs To Me,” followed by an Australian diversion with the Paul Kelly 80’s smash “To Her Door” and ending back home with The dB's founder Peter Holsapple’s magical “Hollywood Waltz." It’s Maitland’s bizarre “Insect Under The Stone," an English garden interlude that realizes our arrival across the sea to Scotland, followed by an equally bizarre diversion to “The Green Man Festival” courtesy of me. “’Twas Her Hunger Brought Me Down” sets a sobering tone for our arrival in The Old Country and our journey ends in Castlemilk with Celsi’s amazing “The Bright Light Of Glasgow," our ode to the beautiful Nell Gaughan…a snow dusts the city…the thistles are sleeping.

Heavenly summer days to cloudy love affairs come and gone and saved; thrilling journeys through green hills and challenging roads bring us back to The Old Country to celebrate The 50th Summer Of Love in style. It’s 2017 and we’re glad you’re here and listening to us, the weary folk travelers: Celsi, Bragg & Maitland.  


Love, Nelson Bragg - Steel Derrick Music



The Road To Glasgow


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UK TOUR 2017




9/8 - The Barrels Ale House, Berwick-upon-Tweed
10/8 - Edinburgh Festival Fringe Ukrainian Community Ctr.
11/8 - The Green Room - Perth
12/8 - Homesongs House Concert - Clachan
13/8 - The Hug & Pint - Glasgow
(The Fast Camels Single Launch)
14/8 - String Theory - Hawick
16/8 - The Green Man Gallery - Buxton (w/Fun of the Pier)
17/8 - The Donkey Bar - Leicester
(w/ Robyn Gibson of The Junipers)
18/8 - Woodstock Acoustic - Woodstock (w/Tony Poole)
19/8 - The Beehive - Swindon (w/Tony Poole)
23/8 - The Green Note - Camden Town, London
26/8 - Kingsmead House Concerts - High Wycombe, Bucks
27/8 - Santini's - Kenley
28/8 - The Greys - Brighton (w/Tony Poole)
29/8 - The Jenny Lind Inn - Hastings
30/8 - The Betsey Trotwood, London
(w/Steve Somerset and Tony Poole)